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Striping & Signage

Mission Asphalt offers complete striping and signage services for asphalt or concrete.
We stripe and mark parking lots, roads, and specialty markings such as handicap parking.

When Is Striping Needed?

Repainting asphalt and concrete surfaces is a practice done usually every year to retain the quality of your roads and parking lots and keep them safe for your clients. We will repaint your parking lot with the highest quality products on the market.


A superb parking lot can create a sense of

security and leave an excellent lasting impression


■ Parking Lot Striping
Mission Asphalt is compliant with the San Antonio
standards for parking lot striping.

■ Roadway Striping
We have the resources required to accomplish asphalt
and concrete striping for roads, parking lots, tennis
and sports courts and anything in-between.

ADA Compliant Parking

How do I know when my parking lot
needs to be repainted?

Depending on the volume of traffic the area receives, you may require a newly applied coat of paint every year, or an entire new style for compliance.

Your parking space may have to be re-striped if:

■  The lines in your parking space have become light or discolored.
■  Asphalt has become seal coated.
■  Cracks in the Asphalt are being sealed.
■  Improved flow of traffic for drivers is needed.
■  You are not compliant with Americans With Disabilities guidelines.
■  Your stripping was improperly replaced, inflicting confusion in your lot.

Always In Compliance

Our qualified specialists ensure the design is compliant with all standards. You will have peace of mind with the knowledge that your lot will be ADA compliant.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has compliance regulations involving handicap accessible parking. There are even varying differences between San Antonio and Austin parking lot striping which makes contacting an expert a must.

At Mission Asphalt, we make it a priority to make sure your lot is correctly spaced and convenient to follow for those using it. We use the toughest materials to withstand the South Texas weather for long lasting striping.

We solely use quality oil-based paints to reduce harm from sun, water, and vehicles. The asphalt stripping machines we use are high-quality and will create everything straight and accurate.

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