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Commercial and industrial sites often need paving features that a standard parking lot does not.
We supply the concrete curbs, ramps and sidewalks to ensure your site
has the robust functionality for your concrete projects.

Concrete Installations

Dependable and tough, concrete is a paving solution for parking areas, flatwork, walkways, roads, ADA available ramps, and any high traffic or burden bearing surface. At Mission Asphalt, we provide quality concrete that will last and insure a superior finish.

Mission Asphalt is proud to offer San Antonio and the surrounding areas a variety of premium concrete services. We install and repair all types of concrete including stamped concrete, concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks, and concrete ADA ramps.

■ Structural Concrete

We provide structural concrete services to meet even the most demanding applications. If you have a concrete project in San Antonio whether big or small, Mission Asphalt is here to meet the challenge!


■ ADA/Handicap Construction

When paving a parking lot, consideration must
be given to handicap parking. There are ADA requirements for the location, size, slope and specific markings of parking spaces. There are also specifications about where the parking spaces can be located, and how steep a ramp from the parking lotto the sidewalk can be.

■ Sidewalks

We can handle any sized walkway project for retail locations, business parks, and streets. We will make sure that your sidewalks are safe and lasting.


■ Dumpster Pads

With new paving projects we work with you to position a dumpster pad within your selected space. Dumpster pads are poured with the correct rebar and combination substrate

so that the surface can withstand heavy

weight and pressure.

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