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Sealcoating & Resurfacing

Mission Asphalt offers San Antonio comprehensive sealcoating and resurfacing services.
We seal and resurface concrete and asphalt surfaces of all types.

Attention to Detail


One size does NOT fit all when it comes to resurfacing or parking lot installation. That is why Mission Asphalt takes the time to assess your property and discuss your needs and goals with you. We want to make sure that you get the right parking lot  options, not just the fastest solutions.

We will work with you to identify exactly what you need when it comes to your parking lot overlays or complete removal and re-paving, and then we will work carefully to implement those services precisely. It is that attention to detail that can make a huge difference in your overall satisfaction with the result, so our paving crews make sure to go above and beyond to take great care of you and your property.

Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating can extend the longevity of an asphalt surface by applying long lasting sealer to the asphalt.

An asphalt surface will wear over time making it susceptible to water, sunlight, and chemical harm.

Through our estimating experts, we can confidently and correctly asses the state of your asphalt.

Advantages of Sealcoating

■ Water Damage Prevention: Water penetrating an unsealed asphalt surface will erode the asphalt surface resulting in cracks and potholes. Cracking can also happen if water freezes in porous cement.

■ Protection Against Chemical Damage: Motor oil and vehicle fluids will saturate and break down asphalt surfaces. Motor oil absorbs the binding agent in asphalt, bitumen, dissolving the binding properties which will result in potholes and erosion.

■ Sun Damage Defense: The binding properties will be lost as the UV rays from the sun oxidize the asphalt cement. Accelerated oxidization can make loose gravel at the asphalt surface, and break down the pavement’s thickness.

■ When To Sealcoat: Depending on many factors of your project like traffic, basic wear and tear, and weather, it may not be necessary to sealcoat as often. There are many companies that will sell you an unnecessary seal coating job, but we strive to make sure you’re investing in what you really need.

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